Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello hello! Sorry bloggie, i've been neglecting you!

Busy few weeks for me, stock take trips, photoshoots then styling for Yun Nam & New York Skin Solutions print ad shoot, fittings and shopping like mad to look for suitable clothes for the print ad shoots!

The other day i met up with Esther and Jayden for dinner,
and i told them I'm soooo busy i don't even have time to sit infront of my netbook/desktop etc, let alone blog! And they say i'm damn bo xim cos i haven't even blog about my car! Faint.

My 21st birthday is still on my to-blog-about list :/
Since my 21st i've went to like 2 other 21st birthday parties already man!

Goodness time really flies!
So my daddy bought me a Chevrolet Optra for my 21st birthday!
hahaha, it think it's worth many many birthdays accumulated together (:


Yeah, i know it's black. It's not Fidelis, at all.

Lol I've prolly heard gazillion people telling me that very same thing ever since i got my hands on it, maybe next time i'll save up and get a paint job done and change it to something more "fidel".


Hahahah Striking big ass P-plate, watch up for me yo!

So.. although the exterior is not me,
the interior is definitely starting to have a touch of "me" here and there, eg:

lots of candy in the compartments, Rilakkuma who love to snap my picture everyday every moment gets to sit beside me everyday when i drive to and fro work.
(Min got the rilakkuma for me as my birthday present cos i love to camwhore!)



Heh, and my Rilakkuma tissue holder, which is damn cuddly and... weird.
Cos when somebody is driving my car and I'm sitting at the passenger seat i love to hug both the rilakkuma and i'm kinda hugging a tissue box holder damn happily?!

Then they're be like, eeeeeer seriously wtf is wrong with this girl?
lol but it's so cuddly!!!


Hohoho, anyway the backseats of my car is pretty spacious and i frigging LOVE it!



On the plane last week and i snapped this with my cam!
Rilakkuma camera pouch, rilakkuma passport holder from Min & my new Rilakkuma 3D iphone cover omg the ears popping out so mad cute!

So anyway since i'm already showing my obsession of rilakkuma earlier i should just continue right!

My previous rilakkuma iphone case is starting to look dirty after months of usage already, so when Whoppi - sent me a new rilakkuma iphone cover, i was like: "OMG YAY FINALLY CAN CHANGE IPHONE COVER!

Other than the Rilalukkma 3D iphone cover, she also sent me this:


Hahahha, it's so mad cute can!? It's now at my workplace!
Mad awesome when you wanna watch show on your iphone etc.


Love it. You can find not only Iphone accessories, but also a huge range of Blackberry accessories!

They carry Kate Spade, Cath Kidson cases that are so simplistic yet so pretty!
Order anything on Whoppi and mentioned that you saw my post and get an additional 5% off.

Other than finding Whoppi online, they are also at Flea Markets @ Scape every weekend from 1:00 - 9:30pm and on the 13th of August they will be at Concorde hotel!


Lunch with Min @ Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe 2 weeks ago.

Wearing a red/white/black heart printed dress, cardigan & headband all from Forever21.





Nom nom nom! Dessert is coming!


We ordered the macaroon with strawberries & Cream. Mmmmm, giant macaroon!
Give me anything sweet, i'll love it with all my heart.


OH! this is the rilakkuma luggage tag Min gave me, hahahah Min is like constantly supplying to my rilakkuma addiction. :D


After lunch @ Sun With Moon, headed to Takashimaya to walk around a bit and drove over to dempsey for some B&J!


Woohooooo! Waffles + B&J ice cream!


And this is last week when big fat rilakkuma in leon's car surprised me with a bouquet of belated happy birthday roses!

Lol, then we drove to Serangoon gardens and tried this new restaurant called the SmokeHouse, the truffles linguine is simply divine, you gotta gotta try if you're a fan of truffles.


Pretty roses that i love, but Leon and I broke up again.
Won't go into details but i guess that's the best for me.

So since i already bought my ticket to australia to attend his sister wedding
(erm, of cos now i'm not going because it's so weird and awkward?!)

There's been some itinerary changes and I'm flying to Sydney
and travelling to melbourne then back to sydney again in exactly one month,
so if any of you have any recommendation on hotels, tours, must go places, must eat stuff..

PLEASE DO SHARE! I'll be eternally grateful!
heh i might be travelling with Jessica, I'm soooo looking forward to it!

Have you SEEN the pictures Jessica took for the photoshoot for The Clover Fashion? It's SOOOO mad awesome i love love all the shots in the series!

She's really great at directing the shoot, super imaginative with her poses and all,
without her i'll be doomed and bored to death by my poses!
Hair is styled by Clover Hair Boutique.

Here's some of the pics:

Ribbon waist circle dress (main photo)



Romper 1 (2)

and thanks to Christy who was so awesome to agree to be my model for this shoot!

Romper 4 (2)

We will be releasing new items tomorrow afternoon 3pm, here's a sneak peak and you can click the banner to view our new arrivals now!

Shop new arrivals banner

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I know, it's been 1.5 week since my 21st birthday and i haven't blogged about it!
But it's because i've been very very very busy working and working and working,
and i will do it SOON. Like, in a few days time.

Okok, back to the topic.
Many of you were very curious about where & what am i working at & as right now.

Basically, I'm the co-owner of
(that's what I've been so busy concentrating and working on for the past 2 months)
and our baby, The Clover Fashion.. is finally ready to go on LIVE as of today!

The Clover Fashion is a sub-brand from The Clover Group,
which basically consist of Clover Hair Boutique & The Clover Fashion.

If you've been hanging around here long enough,
you would know I've been having my hair done by Clover Hair Boutique's stylist
for the past 6 years. (even when Clover Hair Boutique was not even open!)

If they are not the best, i would not have trusted them
and let them do my hair for 6 years, my hair is like so so so important to me,
once i tried another hair salon, cost twice the amount as compared to
Clover Hair Boutique and i came out crying. No kidding.

So anyway, when this chance came for this collaboration
between me & The Clover Group, i jumped in without thinking twice.

So now I'm gonna "show you around" the online boutique! haha
you know how sometimes you already know what kinda look you're going for but
there are so many items it's kinda boring & tiresome to view ALL of the products?


... so we've made it easier by being able to Shop by Styles!

If you've any questions regarding the item, or you need help styling your outfit to shipping/payment/promotion inquiries, we have a team of stylists who can help answer all your questions on our Live Chat System.

You will find this Online/Offline button at every product page :



Just click it, and our stylist will be there to assist you asap!

Some of my favorite stuff from The Clover Fashion:



Sorry for the grainy iphone quality pics!

Banner 02 v3

Other than bringing you an awesome shopping experience at The Clover Fashion...

We're teaming up with the best team of Hair Stylist @ Clover Hair Boutique to present you with a $20 cash voucher for ALL hair services when you spend a minimum of $80 at The Clover Fashion!

(Spread the love & Tell all your friends about it! You can combine your purchases in one order to get the cash voucher & we will email you the vouchers as soon as we received payment for your order.)

Yes, you can use the $20 to get yourself a new hairstyle, a new dye job,
a new perm or a feel-oh-so-good wash and blow along with
your brand new wardrobe from The Clover Fashion to pamper yourself!

Everyone deserves to be pampered.
We want YOU to look awesome and feel good about yourself from head to toe.

And.. The Clover Fashion also has a blog,
which i update Daily Tips on Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Travel!

My next post is a How to: make up like Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf in GG

LM day look

... really looking forward to it and the blog is here :
Subscribe to read the latest daily tips and articles! (:

Hop over to shop shop shop babes,
remember to join our mailing list on the left bottom hand corner ok!

blog link to fashion

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

How to.. get the sexy beach waves.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you remember the last time you spend your day at the beach
and you come back with a head full of messy sexy curls?
Who needs to head all the way to the beach to get that look!

beach hair feature

I want the Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston's
sexy tousled beach waves look too!
So casual and just thrown together like it's tell people,
blah i just woke up with this head of sexy, messy curls. Envious much? :p

Anyway, the other day i was at Clover doing my hair
and i wanted to have a more sexy, voluminous hairdo,
so my stylist sprayed this product all over my hair, blow dry and..
the bounce and volume in my hair lasted all day!

- which is freaking amazing for me because i have those kinda hair
that will go flat after 20 minutes even after half a can of hairspray!

So i was really curious what was the product they used, called up to ask
and it's actually the KMS Sea Salt Spray!
It's the first time i heard of such a thing called sea salt spray
but apparently it's very popular in the US.

Anyway, i googled around a bit and found that there's so many brands
making sea salt spray!

Some of the sea salt spray that received pretty good reviews:

sea salt spray article

If you don't want to spend money on these sea salt sprays, you can even make your own at home! How amazing, i heard this "recipe" has been tried and tested and a fan of many.You will need:

  1. a Spray Bottle (you can get at watsons/daiso)
  2. 1 tablespoon of sea salt in 6-8 oz of warm water
  3. a dollop of cheap conditioner (any brand will do)
  4. a small dollop of cheap hair gel

Leave some room in the spray bottle so you can add everything together and shake to mix it. You actually should go cheap on the conditioner and gel because they are of a thinner consistency so it will mix easier in the water.

Tips: You can even add a wee bit of VS/Bath&Body body spray to make it smell yummier!

So, how to actually use the product?

First wash your hair as usual, cut back on the conditioner if possible
Spray the product on your hand or on hair directly but avoid your roots
Tip your head down so your hair is hanging and blow dry with hands and Viola!

- You have those hair instead of boring flat locks!

Use a curling thong/straighten to create some curls,
it does not have to look perfect. Separate the curls and scrunch
with your hands to create the messy beachy waves look, Sexy!

Yay! Sexy beach hair for me and you!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Beauty: Lip care

Monday, July 11, 2011

I cannot tolerate dry, chapped lip.

In fact, to prevent that from ever happening I stash lip essence/balms everywhere.
In front of my desktop, at my office, on my dresser, in my purse.. Everywhere!

While doing my facial scrub twice a week,i scrub my lips gently with the scrub as well to remove the dead skin, and i apply lip balm constantly throughout the day.

These are some of the lip balms that i have tried, tested and now cannot live without! ♥

  1. Burt’s Beewax Lip Balm
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry
  3. Shiseido Water-In-Lip
  4. Nivea Pinkish Boost
  5. Ettusais Lip Essence

Don’t forget to pack lip Balms with SPF for your beach holiday as well!
I totally forgot to pack lipbalms for my holiday in Phuket,
and i had burnt lips and they were peeling like crazy after being in the sun for the entire day without any UV protection.

Do you know that your lips dry out faster than any part of your face?
Licking your lips will only make it drying and does nothing to stop the chapping!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

猫猫日记。Ninja The new Kitty-Cat.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Awhile ago, leon's brother brought back a kitty cos she was stranded somewhere
and he waited for a long time and the kitty's mummy didn't come back
so he brought her home.

Hmmm, i've never really been the kitty kinda girl, but she's super cute!!
Ok after like one month or so then they found out that she's actually a BOY! -.-"
but i already have it drilled in my head that Ninja's a girly kitty
so i kept saying she she her her, so don't mind me! lol.


Super cute kitty, i love her so much nooooow. So so so much fun to play with hahahah.

i have this video of leon holding her as if she's a machine gun,
it's so so funny but i think if i post it here i will kena slam say kitty abuse
so i better not post it up. lol

but the kitty is absolutely fine of cos, in fact i think she kinda enjoys it lol.
better than bored and having nobody to play with.


TUMMYRUB!!!! Mmmmmm.


Kitty Scarf hahahaha

But the whole family is quite pek chek with her cos she keeps destroying the furniture and they're very scared she would jump down the window and commit suicide accidentally somemore they live on the 17th floor lol, jump down confirm gone case.

Anyway that day my peanut (guinea pig in case you dunno) was having quite a bad case of diarrhea, and i read online and they said that diarrhea is guinea pigs is very dangerous because they are usually preys so they tend to not show any weakness if they can, if they do then it might be fatal and it's really bad so i was super kan chiong take urgent leave bring him to the vet the very next morning.

I went to The Animal Doctor's, more information here:
and i feel that i really have to recommend them to pet owners who live in the North area.

The previous vet clinic i went to mount pleasant @ serangoon north, sucks like shit.

The vet there is absolutely AWESOME.
The vet at The Animal Doctor's was SUPER patient, very professional, really know her stuff, i really feel at ease after i left the vet unlike my experience at Mount Pleasant Vet.

Can you imagine she spend 2 whole solid hours on the consultation etc.
She really really know her stuff!


Miao? Ninja has this really cute Miao,
the tone of her miao is kinda like.. "MIAO????? HUH?????"
Mad cute, should record it down someday hehehe.

Anyway ninja also went for her jaaaaaaab. It's so funny she keep getting freaked out by other cats in the vet. They were really damn noisy la! Goodness.

Ninja hardly hardly hardly make her miao miao noise,
but those cats.. gosh. SO MUCH TO SAY!
Miao-ing through the roof man.



Miao.. Sleepy kitty after jab!


Peanuts's meds, so cute the vet prescribe this antibiotics
that is strawberry flavored and peanut loves it! hahaha
Fed him the antibiotics for 8 days and everytime he smells it it's like he can't wait for me to shove that mini plunger into his tiny mouth!


Loves, TheLuckiestChick.